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A Word from Thunder


What’s up, guys?! My name is Thunder. I’ve been at TIRR Rescue since 2018.


When I was brought to the shelter, I was very scared and didn’t want anyone to touch me. A lot of people thought I was aggressive, but one nice person recognized my fear and brought me to TIRR so I could work on my fear and learn to be loved and have fun again.


I’m much better now, though I’m still wary around strange people - don’t touch me until I touch you. I love to have fun and can be a bit of a dork sometimes. I’m very much a ladies’ man and would love to go to a home with an active person. However, I’m a typical Ridgeback and will need an owner that is very familiar with my breed and can be a strong leader.


More About Thunder


DOB: 2016
BREED: Rhodesian Ridgeback
NOT GOOD WITH: Strangers
TRAINING: Crate Trained; Potty Trained
COMMANDS: Sit; Shake

Thunder is a sweet, dorky dog once he gets to know you. He is wary around strangers and gets along better with women than men. He will need an experienced Ridgeback owner who can be a strong leader for him.

If you would like to donate to Thunder's care, please click "Donate Now!" below.  To sponsor Thunder, click below, check the box marked "Make this a monthly donation," and write his name in the "Write a note" section.

To download Thunder's adoption application, please click "Adopt Me!" below.

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