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Who We Are

Please consider making a donation toward the care of the TIRR Rescue dogs.​
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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected, abused, mistreated, nervous, and misunderstood dogs.  Our dogs include Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Ridgeback mixes, and non-Ridgebacks, many of whom are special needs dogs.

Over the years, we have transformed into a sanctuary dedicated to the tenacity of the Ridgeback breed, with many of our rescued dogs having strong personalities and difficult pasts.  We strongly believe that while their past may be written, each dog has a limitless future ahead.  Our primary objective is to provide our rescued dogs with every advantage to succeed in future forever homes.  Until that day, we provide all physical/emotional rehabilitation needed in a safe and comfortable environment, and organize them into social groups to balance behavioral issues and learn each dog’s specific temperament and needs.  Due to our extensive dog-to-family evaluation and education process, our adoptive families are well equipped to provide for the needs of their specific new family member.  We also provide free long-term counseling support for our adoptive families to ensure their success. 


Currently, TIRR Rescue cares for over 50 large breed dogs, with over half of our dogs considered seniors.  Our goal is to provide our seniors with the best quality of care available, including annual wellness and dental exams, vaccinations or titer testing, mass removals, and medications and supplements.  This dedication to each dog’s wellness has helped in our success rate with senior adoptions.

Our dogs become part of our family until and after they find their forever home.  Once part of our family, we commit to them for life.

Contact Us

​TIRR Rescue
237 Spring Valley Road

Paradise,TX. 76073

If you are contacting us about a dog in immediate danger of being put down, PLEASE call Roy Hughes at 817-454-6023 and/or text the ID number of the dog and the phone number for the shelter where the dog is being held.
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