North Texas Giving Day 2020

It is always a challenge to see what our greatest need is every year when we are getting ready for the most crucial fundraiser TIRR Rescue has during the year. As we contemplate the needs, it does not take long to see where we need to focus our efforts this year: on vetting needs for dogs and special vetting attention for many that come through our doors. It goes without saying that veterinarian costs are a substantial portion of our annual expenditures, and they are the costs that we cannot control. There is an endless flow of dogs in/dogs out at TIRR Rescue. Currently, we have several dogs in our program that will need special attention such as exams, x-rays, scans, surgeries (tumors, growths, ear infections, dental emergencies, etc.), specific meds, individual and specialized diets, and ongoing health needs. Our program consistently cares for an average of 50 dogs on any given day. That number alone creates huge vetting/health expenditures. This also brings with it a vast need for comprehensive exams and a health program specifically designed for that dog. TIRR never knows the full extent of a dog's vetting needs until its initial visit.


Pita has a chronic ear infection which requires an expanded vet exam and a program that will include frequent cleaning, medications, and follow-up vet visits to ensure her ears stay clean and healthy.


O'Brien is experiencing an unusual skin condition that requires a comprehensive vet exam. We do not currently have any idea what kind of treatment might be needed.


Penny has a couple of open sores around her neck that could be malignant tumors or merely cysts. She will need a thorough vet exam to determine treatment.


Oliver has a severe limp that needs to be checked out to prevent or catch possibly more-dangerous problems.


Blaze, Murdoch, and Thunder all suffer from gastrointestinal and/or pancreatic issues that result in their being unable to keep weight on. With the right diet and supplements, they will live very normal and happy lives. It is costly to experiment with the food and supplements to reach an eating plan that is right for each of them. We are on the road to improvement with all three boys, but it will require additional expenditures for their specific dietary needs.


These are just a few of the dogs in our program, at this precise time, that need vetting for special conditions. At any given time, the number of special needs can escalate. We cannot do this without your support.