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North Texas Giving Day is an annual event in our region.  The fundraiser is sponsored by the Communities Foundation of Texas and is an 18-hour online giving event designed to empower every person to give back to their community by supporting local nonprofits and causes they care about in one easy-to-use platform.  Each year, TIRR Rescue participates in this event.  It has been a critical component of our fundraising efforts each year, as we receive generous donations from the TIRR Community, as well as matching funds from the event sponsors.  These funds are allocated toward a specific project, or need, at TIRR Rescue.

The 2021 North Texas Giving Day was September 23rd, so the event is already closed. 


This year, our need was funds for transportation.


When TIRR Rescue was founded over 20 years ago, Roy and Cindy chose to locate the rescue in Paradise, Texas, for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, there is much work to be done for the dogs of North Texas – the number of homeless pets is staggering in our state.  Secondly, they wanted a rural location, so the dogs could be provided with a serene, natural environment – opting to create a Rescue Ranch with numerous play yards, where a shelter dog can bask in the warm Texas sun, instead of cower in a cold, concrete cage.  Opting for this environment has been tremendous for the mental rehabilitation of our dogs, but it presents transportation challenges because every trip off the property is a minimum of 30 miles.  Over the past 20 years, TIRR Rescue has survived by utilizing Roy and Cindy’s personal vehicle, the vehicles of our small group of volunteers, and one very high mileage donated vehicle.  Unfortunately, with the ever-evolving situation in rescue, we have reached a critical point, and we need a vehicle.  Every trip to the vet is 78  miles round trip; now that our census is consistently over 50 dogs, there are many trips to the vet.  A large percentage of our dogs are released to TIRR  from over-crowded shelters in the state of Texas, all of which are over 30 miles away.  With the continual increase of homeless dogs in Texas, we have succumb to the growing trend of adopting many of our dogs to out of state.  While we are so grateful for all of our out of state adopters, a home check in Colorado is logistically much harder to accomplish than a home check in Dallas.  So, after much debate, this year for North Texas Giving Day, we humbly asked for donations to purchase a reliable used vehicle.  Every single pet parent knows the importance of reliable transportation, especially with a sick or injured animal in the car on a hot day.  Or the heart-wrenching drive to the ER in the middle of the night with a dog in acute distress.  We can’t responsibly continue with our mission without the purchase of reliable transportation.  We had set the goal for the 2021 North Texas Giving Day event at $20,000 to raise the funds to purchase a minivan for our transportation needs.  While a used minivan may not sound like a dream car to most, it is for us because it sits low to the ground to ease the entry for a 100 pound dog and it can safely transport multiple dogs in crates. 

While we did not meet our goal, we are so grateful for each one of you guys who donated, shared, or sent us well wishes for this big fundraising event.

We are proud to serve the North Texas Community by saving the lives of thousands of dogs over the past 20 years.  We are proud to serve the greater TIRR Community by helping to create happy families across the United States. Thank you for your continued support of our mission – your support is the reason we are able to provide this service to our North Texas Community, and the dogs who are future Alumni of TIRR Rescue.    

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