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Our Mission

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Inspired by the tenacity of the Ridgeback breed from which we take our name, and one very special Ridgeback many years ago, TIRR Rescue has three main goals: rehabilitation, education, and alteration.  Although large-breed, special-needs dogs; Rhodesian Ridgebacks; and Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes are given primary consideration when accepting dogs into our program, no breed is arbitrarily excluded.

TIRR Rescue focuses on taking in large-breed dogs in need of long-term care and rehabilitation, either medically or behaviorally.  We take in dogs who have been deemed "unadoptable" and work with them, training them, teaching them to trust again, and making them adoptable.  When dogs are unable to overcome their medical or behavioral issues, they are proclaimed “Sanctuary Dogs” and live out their lives at TIRR Rescue.  No dog is ever put down simply because it is inconvenient to keep them around. 


TIRR Rescue emphasizes the importance of researching the breed one wishes to adopt and the special requirements of large dogs and dogs that have experienced undue stress.  As such, we require all applicants to visit the Rescue Ranch to meet the dogs and learn what it will take to welcome a large, high-energy dog into their home.  After adoption, Roy Hughes, TIRR Rescue’s founder, is available to help with any problems or concerns, offering advice on training or behavior. 


TIRR Rescue understands the importance of altering companion animals.  All dogs who enter into our care are spayed or neutered, unless doing so presents a life-threatening challenge.  We also assist others in locating low-cost spay/neuter options. 

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