TIRR Rescue Presents
Our 2021 Giving Tuesday Honoree

TIRR Rescue is pleased to announce that we will be participating in Giving Tuesday, for the very first time! Our goal is to raise $2000 for the care of our 50+ Rhodesian Ridgebacks and RR mixes (and the dogs who just needed us and are not Ridgebacks at all).

We will be celebrating by telling the story of a very special dog, his name is Murdoch. Please join us as his story unfolds on Facebook. If you are inspired by his story, or the services that we provide to these dogs in need, please hit the donate button. Starting at 8am Eastern Time on 11/30/21, Facebook will be matching donations to their site up to $8million. This means your donation could be worth double!

Another way you could double your donation is to ask your employer if they match funds. Many corporations match on Giving Tuesday. We will be happy to provide any documentation they need about our 501c3 organization.

And, as always, please share the TIRR Rescue story. If you have lunch with a friend, take a moment to tell them about us. For us, Giving Tuesday is not just about the money, it’s also about sharing our story, to find more adopters and volunteers. We have some outstanding dogs in need of homes. We can’t care for them without you!

One final reminder for this global day of giving… As an independent shelter, we rely completely on donations from our supporters. We do not have a larger breed specific organization, or national affiliate, that helps with our funding. We are only able to do what we do every day because of the generous support of the TIRR Rescue Community! THANK YOU!

Now, please head to Facebook to enjoy the 6 part story of Murdoch's Rescue Ranch Transformation!

We have several dogs who are long term residents, getting the same type of care as Murdoch.  Please donate if you can.  Every dollar goes to the dogs!

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