Emergency Help for KIMBA

Recurrent Right Ear Hematoma


Kimba is an 8 year old, female, Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She was surrendered to TIRR Rescue in September 2021, by an elderly couple who had loved Kimba dearly for her entire life.  Unfortunately, their personal health issues prevented them from taking care of Kimba any more, so Roy agreed to accept her into the TIRR Rescue program.  Her parents were forthcoming about her recurrent ear hematoma, however, none of us anticipated a crisis so soon.  On the first weekend of October, Kimba's ear developed a severe hematoma that required significant emergency care.  One of our volunteers took her to the ER promptly, at which time the ear was drained.  But within 24 hours, she required a return trip, where she received a drain to prevent further fluid build up until her ear quiets down, as well as some medication and some discussion about cause of the hematoma and prevention options.  Additional follow up for Kimba is scheduled at Justin Animal Hospital in about 10 days.  Likely, she will require further evaluation and/or surgical intervention to permanently address the recurring hematoma and potential causes, but at this juncture, we are giving the ear some time to heal and the swelling to improve before further decisions are made. 

Unfortunately, Kimba's urgent care and ongoing care far exceeded our customary vet care budget for the month.  We have created a fundraiser on Facebook, where we will continue to provide updates to Kimba's recovery process.  We would greatly appreciate ANY donations to Kimba's care, either through Facebook, the PayPal "Donate" button below, or even an old fashioned check in the mail to:  TIRR Rescue, Attention: Kimba, 237 Spring Valley Road, Paradise, TX 76073.  And as always, donation payments can be made directly to our vet by calling 940-648-0328.

We are so grateful to the TIRR Rescue Community for your ongoing support, which makes the rescue, rehab, and rehome, of dogs like Kimba possible.  Your donations, shares, positive thoughts and prayers help us care for all of our TIRR Rescue dogs.   

Also, don't forget, Kimba is available for adoption.  If you are interested in fostering her through her recovery, or adopting her after she is fully healed, Kimba is ready to go.  She is a big girl at about 100 pounds, but she is arguably the most sweet, calm, gentle, and beautiful female Ridgeback we have ever had over the 20+ year history of TIRR Rescue.  Her parents trained her well - once her ear has healed, she will undoubtedly be one of the most low maintenence companions you will find!