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Adoption Process

Please consider making a donation toward the care of the TIRR Rescue dogs.​


Requirements / Qualifications:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and have identification showing your current address.

  • You must have the consent of ALL adults living in the household.

  • You must have the consent of your landlord and proof of pet deposit if you rent your residence.

  • Your pets must have current vaccinations and be free of contagious illnesses and be spayed / neutered.

  • You must be able and willing to spend the time necessary to provide / administer proper training, medical treatment, and care for the pet.

  • You must agree that any damage done to your home by the pet is NOT the responsibility of TIRR Rescue.



Our Adoption Process begins with your interest in a particular dog.



Complete and submit an application.  We perform background checks, reference verification, and vet reference verification.  We can begin this process upon receipt of your application.  If you need help with a question on the application, feel free to call us on our main number - (817) 454-6023 - or email us at


Ridgeback Application

Non-Ridgeback or Mix Application



We are all about matching our dogs to the correct families.  We believe the dog becomes a member of the family, so we want the entire family to meet the dog prior to adoption.  If you have other dogs, we properly introduce your chosen dog to the other dogs.  We welcome you to schedule a time to meet at the shelter or a neutral location for the introduction.

Home Visit:

We perform a home visit to introduce the dog into the home, help set initial boundaries, and help identify any improvements for the dog's safety.

Adoption Fee:

  • $150 for Non-Ridgebacks and Mixes

  • $250 for Ridgebacks

Post Adoption:

We like to hear from the new family within a couple of days after adoption to hear about progress.  We are available for questions about training, behavior, and other dog-related issues at any time.

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