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Donate to TIRR Rescue 

Please consider making
a donation toward the
care of the TIRR Dogs.​
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We are a no-kill organization.  Every day, we feed and care for between 40 and 50 dogs at our shelter.

We take our dogs in no matter their condition when they arrive, some with heartworm or broken bones, others with coat or dental issues, and any other situation in-between.  Every dog that we take into our shelter is given the very best veterinary care possible.

We care for our dogs as long as they remain with us, some their entire lives.

100% of every donation (and a lot of our own) goes to the care of the dogs and supporting facility.  No donation is too small and every penny counts.

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization. You will receive a tax receipt for each donation.

Thank you!

Other options for donating:

Chewy                                 AmazonSmile                                Bonfire                               GivingGrid

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