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A Word from Radar


Hey, y'all! My name is Radar. I came to TIRR Rescue several years ago with my mom, back when I was teeny tiny.

Mom and I were found walking down the middle of the road near a school in Wise County. Mom was dragging a bike cable that she had chewed through to get free, and I was trying my darndest to keep up!

I got adopted once, went home, and went to obedience school and everything. However, they returned me because I scared my German Shepherd brother so badly, he didn't even want to come in the house. It wasn't my fault, though; he was acting up, so I whipped him good. I don't put up with bad behavior...ask Bo!

I’m a really sweet girl, though a little aloof to strangers. While I like people, I really prefer the company of other dogs. I sure would like to be adopted again. It felt nice being in a home with my very own yard. It would be even cooler if someone took both Bo and me home together!

If you think you might be my forever family, be sure to contact my rescue people!

More About Radar

GENDER: Female

WEIGHT: 51 lbs
DOB: May 23, 2010
BREED: Pit Bull Terrier/Red Heeler

TRAINING: Crate Trained; Potty Trained; Leash Trained

Radar can be a bit aloof to strangers.  She tends to prefer the company of dogs but likes hanging out with her trusted humans, especially if she can spend some time chilling outside in the sun.  Radar is very obedient and loyal to her family.  If you win her trust, you will have a loyal companion who will have your back for life.

If you would like to donate to Radar's care, please click "Donate Now!" below.  To sponsor Radar, click below, check the box marked "Make this a monthly donation," and write her name in the "Write a note" section.

To download Radar's adoption application, please click "Adopt Me!" below.

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