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A Word from Pita


Hey, guys! My name is Pita. I have been with TIRR Rescue since 2015.

My mom brought me to TIRR Rescue because she could no longer keep me. She tried everything she could before giving me up, but she finally decided the best choice was to leave me in the care of TIRR Rescue and let them find me a forever home.

I get along well with people who respect me. I’m not always too sure about the little people, but most are nice once you get to know them. They always have treats, and I absolutely love treats!

All of my original pack mates are gone, and I now hang with Deuce and River. Deuce likes to think he's the boss, but we all know I'm the real alpha in this neck of the woods. So long as everyone plays nice and no one bugs me, I get along pretty well with other dogs. You should come see for yourself!

More About Pita


GENDER: Female

WEIGHT: 86 lbs

DOB: February 28, 2012

BREED: Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador Retriever


TRAINING: Crate Trained; Potty Trained



Pita is a sweet dog who loves to play and cuddle with her people.  She gets along well with other dogs, but she can be a bit bossy at times.  Pita loves to dig and will defend the fence or gate.  Though she is slow to warm up to strangers, she fully accepts people once she gets to know them.

If you would like to donate to Pita's care, please click "Donate Now!" below.  To sponsor Pita, click below, check the box marked "Make this a monthly donation," and write her name in the "Write a note" section.

To download Pita's adoption application, please click "Adopt Me!" below.

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