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A Word from Nala


Nala is one of the cutest RR mixes you will ever meet, in appearance and personality.  Unfortunately, Nala has some health issues.  Aside from bearing too many litters of puppies at far to young an age, she has a very pronounced heart murmur.  Because of this we are extremely reluctant to put her under any type of anesthesia.  In all ways she appears totally healthy and extremely robust, a match in performance and stamina of any dog at the Ranch.

Recent donations have made it possible for us to delve into this issue with testing, diagnostics, and specialized treatments.  We hold hope that her medical issues will be treatable and fully resolved, or at least manageable.  Until that day, Nala needs human companionship to a far greater degree than we can provide her.  What we seek is a long-term foster home with the possibility of permanent adoption once her health is stabilized.  A sponsor to help with future medical needs would also be appreciated, as funds are always limited.

Years ago, we had a little dog of questionable breeding, with the exception of the ridge on her back, who came to us in far worse shape than Nala, having recently given birth to puppies, frighteningly underweight, missing most of her fur, and was diagnosed with distemper.  After much time, one on one attention and treatment, all these things resolved, and her health returned with one exception.  A strong and persistent heart murmur was evident.  This never slowed this little dog down and with very little treatment she lived to an age of 13 years.  I see no reason Nala could not exceed these years just on the strength of her character alone.

More About Nala


WEIGHT: 84 lbs
DOB: July 27, 2016
BREED: Ridgeback Mix

GOOD WITH: Everything

NOT GOOD WITH: Everything
TRAINING: Crate Trained; Potty Trained

Sweet as they come! Wants to please you and loves people.


Name's Special Need

Heart Murmur and maintenance health issues

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If you would like to donate to Nala's care, please click "Donate Now!" below.  To sponsor Nala, click below, check the box marked "Make this a monthly donation," and write her name in the "Write a note" section.

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To download Nala's adoption application, please click "Adopt Me!" below.

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