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We said goodbye to one of our brightest stars, Apollo.

Apollo came to us at (7) years of age, an owner surrender. We worked him through his separation anxiety and watched him become one of the leaders of our best pack. He was a favorite at the adoption events and visitors with his goofy antics and remarkable range of feats that he could perform. He would even have a conversation with you. He had many lookers, but sadly, no one to take him home.

Apollo did not live without love. He was one of ours, as are all here at the Ridgeback Ranch.

He was carried, held tightly by loving arms into the truck and rushed to the ER.
We were there as the vets did their best to save his life.
We cried at his side as we said goodbye, long after he was waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
We wept on the long drive home, alone.
For a rescuer, the drive is one too familiar and one that will be made again in the future.
No matter the years, the experience of loss is never dulled; the time, effort, love, patience, and friendship invested cut suddenly short.

We will see his shadow from the corners of our eyes as we pass his run.
We will turn to look, and he will be gone.
We will hear his voice among his former pack, but listening closer, he will not be there.
These things will fade over time, but the great memories and love we have for him will remain forever.

The first one of us that gets to the Rainbow Bridge will lead Apollo and the others before him on across. That one will have fun and play with them in Heaven until we all get there. Because, in the blink of an eye, we will all be together again.

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