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Be a Sweetheart Sponsor

for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and our dogs are feeling a little lonely on this day for couples!

To help them feel better, we’d like to get them all a Sweetheart Sponsor!

We currently have around 50 dogs that would love their own sweetheart, but we’d really like to get our seniors and our sanctuary dogs paired up with someone by Valentine’s Day. That’s only 22 dogs! Totally doable, right?

The sponsorship can be any amount, from $1 to $10,000 (ok, maybe a little unrealistic, but a rescue dog can hope!). You can follow the link below to send your donation using PayPal (totally secure and we immediately get 100% of the funds you send) or your debit/credit card.

*Remember, this is just a Valentine’s Day sponsorship, which means it won’t recur every month (unless, of course, you want it to, in which case be sure to check the box that says “Make this a monthly donation” when you’re filling out the PayPal form; we always love our monthly donations!).*

As we get Sweetheart Sponsors, we’ll post pictures of the dogs with the name of the person(s) sponsoring them!

To become a Sweetheart Sponsor, make your donation, then send an email to with:

💞The name of the dog(s) you wish to sponsor.
💞The name of the person(s) sponsoring (write “Anonymous” if you’d rather keep your name off the Facebook post).

Ready to become a Sweetheart Sponsor?! Great! Get going!!

P.S. All of our dogs can be found on PetFinder. To see our seniors, simply apply “senior” and “Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue” as filters.

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