Seeking Forever Homes

All TIRR Rescue dogs have been altered*, fully vetted, microchipped, crate trained, and house trained, and are ready for their forever homes!

*We only alter dogs who are medically able to undergo the procedure; exceptions include, but are not limited to, dogs who are too old or too frail of health.

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Jillybean is a sweet girl who loves to play and cuddle.
Rocco is a sweet boy who could stand to lose a little weight. He would love someone to play and cuddle with!
Boomer is a sweet old dog with a bit of a grumpy side. He'd make someone a great cuddler!
Choppa & Raider
Choppa & Raider are sweet old dogs who love attention. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.
Ralph is still learning to trust humans, though he has become quite playful with those he knows.
Gabby is still learning to trust humans, but she is making progress. Once she gets to know you, she can be quite playful.
Kioka is a sweet girl who loves to play. She would do well in an active household.
Hawk is an active boy. Though he doesn't get along well with other dogs, he's an absolute baby with people.
Though he can be intense at first, Toby is very affectionate with people he knows.
Luke is a great guy with a cool personality. Though he can be a little intense at first, he's great once you get to know him.
Kasey is an old man who likes to lay around and occasionally play with rope toys. He loves being loved on.
Kenzi is a great gal who gets along well with just about everyone. She loves kids and would do well in an active household.
Hobson is a sweet boy with a nervous disposition. He will need a patient adopter.
Pita is a loving girl who likes to ride in the car and cuddle.
Cheech is a sweet dog who loves to be around people.
River is an energetic dog who needs an energetic family!
Katie is still learning to trust adults, but she loves kids. She will need a patient adopter.
Butterfly is a sweet girl who is still learning to trust people. She will need a patient adopter.
Bo is a sweet dog who just wants to cuddle with his people.
Snowflake is a great dog who loves to chill on her dog house.
Radar is a cute little dog with a spunky personality.
Gwen is a sweet girl who loves to run and play!
Blake is a serious dog who is still learning how to trust people.
Oliver is a spunky little Pitbull with super cute bat ears!
Murphy is a lovable dog who gets along great with kids.
Brandi is a unique dog looking for a unique person.
Gilley is a little shy and nervous around new people, but he sure is as cute as can be!
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