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  • Roy Hughes

The Invisible Dog

Many years past I sat and watched as the people passed and looked at the dogs up for adoption. The pure breeds, the unique, the special were all objects of attention. Yet there were always those dogs passed by as though they were not even there. Now knowing these dogs as I do all the dogs I bring to the Petsmart adoptions, I know thet are the very best of all present. With this in mind I wrote the following:

The Invisible Dog

I am the invisible dog; surely I must be fo...r I have been here at least 100 times. People look at me, but see me not. They read my story and pass by. Some make kind comments and others say nothing at all. But no one wants to take me home, for you see I am not pure of breed.

I do not represent the image of what man would create a dog to be. The “breeder” who arranged my being knows more of what should and should not be than mankind can ever understand.

I quietly wait and dream of what could have been, and what yet may be, even if it does not arrive until the day I return to the one who placed me on this earth, the designer of my being.

Roy G. Hughes

TIRR Rescue

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