One day, received a cal from a vet in Louisville; a Ridgeback had been hit by a car.  The people that had hit him brought him in and paid for his initial vet bill, but the owner was soon tracked down.  The vet informed the owner that the dog's leg was severely broken and would need a lot of surgery to fix.  The owner's response: "Put him down.  I'm not spending that much money on a dog; I'll get another one."

Well, the vet wouldn't stand for that.  The dog, after all, was very sweet and deserved a chance.  So they called us.  We were full to bursting at the time, so we contacted some other Ridgeback rescues to see if anyone else could take him.  However, no one wanted to take on the heartworm-positive dog who needed an extensive surgery.  After hours of the other rescues arguing back and forth about why they couldn't take him and how he wasn't worth the trouble, we decided to go ahead and bring him into our care.  One of our volunteers promptly went to get him and take him to Justin Animal Hospital, where, after looking at his x-rays, Dr. Denna declared his leg "a complete mess" and informed us he would need one very long, very hard surgery and many pins and rods to hold it all together.

Fortunately, we were quickly able to find a foster for him, and after many months of recovery and the removal of his “bio-leg,” Tank - a dog as resilient as his namesake - is finally ready to conclude his journey with his much-needed heartworm treatment.  All-in-all, Tank’s journey will cost $4,447.97.  Would you consider helping with Tank’s vet bills?

If you would like to donate toward Tank's vet bills, please click "Donate" below, and write her name in the "Write a note" section.

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