One day, we received a call from a woman out South of Springtown.  She was going through a rough situation and had to give up her dog.  Though we were skeptical, she was very insistent that he was a purebred Ridgeback.  We took a trip out to the single-wide trailer and found a little fenced-in backyard full of knee-deep grass with trails running all through it.  The woman told us he was somewhere back there, but we quickly discovered several spots where he was able t get up under the trailer.  Sticking his head down, Roy called for the dog and out came this young, nice-looking purebred Ridgeback.

Now, it's important to understand that it was a hot Texas day (some of you know the kind we're talking about).  So it was surprising when this dog crawled out from under the trailer and was ice cold to the touch.  Well, it turns out this trailer was the kind where the AC ducts ran underneath it.  This smart hound dog had chewed himself a hold in one of the ducts and made himself a bed with his very own air conditioning!

We took him into our care but quickly realized he walked funny: his back hips seemed to move up and down as he walked.  When we got him to the vet for his first check-up, Dr. Pawl took one look at him and said we needed to have his hips x-rayed.  This poor dog had the worst case of genetic hip dysplasia Roy had ever seen in 30 years.  Dr. Paul suggested we take him to a specialist, so we took him to a vet in Fort Worth who x-rayed him again and informed us that the dog would need a full hip replacement in both hips and that the socket was so eroded in one hip, they'd need special equipment to fix it.

The doctor was able to fix it, but it took three surgeries before the hip would stay put.  Gabriel, so named by the fosters who took him in for recovery and eventually adopted him, spent several months confined to a crate, only getting out to walk on a leash for bathroom breaks.  However, he is now walking on that hip pain free and can't wait to be fully recovered.  Unfortunately, the vet said Gabriel would have to wait about one year to let the first hip fully heal before he could do surgery on the second hip.

But fear not!  We at TIRR Rescue do not give up on our dogs, and Gabriel is no different.  He will eventually receive his second surgery and be able to walk and run like a totally healthy dog.  The only problems are the vet bills.  Totaling about $10,000, we have been able to raise part of the cost for Gabriel’s first hip.  Now we need your help to finish off the bills for the first hip and be ready for the bills for the second hip. Would you consider helping?

Thanks to you, Gabriel's vet bill has been paid!  Gabriel's foster family decided to adopt him.  He is happy and healthy!

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