There once was a street dog running around a little town in East Texas.  Now, this street dog was wily and didn't want to be caught, so he wasn't.  Rescue groups tried; animal control tried; no one could ever catch the old yellow dog with a ridge and a Pit Bull smile.  Then, time and lack of food started to take its toll on the old street dog.  He decided it was time to let the humans take care of him, so he let himself be caught.

He was skinny, he was scarred, and he could barely walk, his legs were so badly bowed.  That, however, did not stop us from taking him.  After all, he had a ridge, didn't he?  No one else was going to be able to put up with him.  Coming back to the Rescue Ranch, the old street dog road quietly in the back, trusting us to take care of him.  Quietly, that is, until we came up to a new Buc-ee's; it was at that time he decided he just had to go.  He started hollering, putting up a fuss, until we pulled in and let him take care of business.  Then he got back in the car and settled down for the rest of the journey.  It was at that time we decided to call him Buccee.

Everyone who meets Buccee is greeted with a smile and falls instantly in love.  However, as much as Buccee wanted a family, home, and - most importantly - couch of his own, old habits die hard.  Leftover from his hard days as a homeless dog was the desire to eat anything he could get his paws on.  One day, it was a blanket.  He decided to take a big ol' bite of it and promptly got ill.  He threw up a piece of the blanket and then aspirated some of the vomit (that is, he breathed it in).  This quickly led to a bad case of pneumonia, from which we were not sure he would recover.  Many volunteers and supporters - and even his gal Katie - held their collective breath, hoping, praying that the old dog with the big smile and bowed legs would make it through.

Buccee spent several days and nights in the Animal ER, some of which he spent hooked up to oxygen.  Buccee did experience some lung damage and is often short of breath, but he still like to run, despite not being able to go too far or too fast.

Though Buccee is now back at the Rescue Ranch, safe and sound - and taking up entire couch all by himself - we here at TIRR Rescue are still working to pay off his vet bills.  Totaling $4,030.06, they have taken their toll on our already strained budget and we are once again calling on our supporters for help.  When Buccee first became ill, we put out a call for help and were greatly rewarded with your generous hearts.  Sadly, however, it was not quite enough, and we sure could use your help to finish them off.  Would you consider donating?

Thanks to you, Buccee's vet bill has been paid!  Buccee has since been adopted.

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