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A Word from Nutmeg


She came to us with the name of Nutmeg, but I think her name should “definitely” be Janus for she is the ultimate guardian of all gates and doors.  To know her will certainly be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with this unique and special little dog. Though not so little at 50 pounds she is one of the smallest dogs at the Rescue Ranch in stature while large in character.  This is but one example of the duality she presents.  One moment the embodiment of tenderness and submission, the next fierce guardian of her realm.  This transition takes but the separation of a gate though, should that gate be open, her acceptance cannot be withheld.   


Should you have the vision, should you have the strength, you will find no better dog than Nutmeg. 

More About Nutmeg


WEIGHT: 49 lbs
DOB: February 18, 2020


TRAINING: Crate Trained; Potty Trained

I would be amiss to claim any Ridgeback in the heritage of Nutmeg, other than the tenacity and determination of her character.  And let us not forget the quick wit, quicker feet, and cleverness she exudes in all situations.  Though diminutive in size, her physical strength and Ridgeback like determination makes six-foot fences a passing challenge as easily overcome as not. 


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