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A Word from Honey

Kwella and Honey 

A “Tail” of two Ridgebacks 

Some of the calls to rescue for surrender of a dog simply must be heard and acted on.  When a distraught friend of the family calls about not surrendering, but holding the dog while the owner is hospitalized, is due some consideration, though not our normal function.    

This situation was discussed and given due consideration among several RR groups.  Two dogs are involved, one 12 years old and one 2 years old.  The owner, a gentleman who had lost his wife shortly (before or after?) acquiring the 2 year old, was totally alone with his dogs and he was hospitalized without warning or prior notice.  The dogs were left alone in the house to be fed by neighbors and after some time, a relative from out of town.  These dogs were the man’s life and he did not want to  surrender them, however with recovery from stage 4 cancer, his ability to care for the dogs is highly questionable.  The chemotherapy was extremely hard on the gentleman and the doctors offered little hope.  With this knowledge, the gentleman chose to forgo the therapies/therapies and spend his final days at home with his dogs.  After only a month, he passed, and the dogs were in need of immediate rescue. 

More About Honey


GENDER: Female

DOB: 10/01/2020
BREED: Rhodesian Ridgeback

TRAINING: Crate Trained; Potty Trained


Honey, just 2 years of age, is one of the best-looking RR’s I have ever seen.  Both dogs have lived a reclusive life with exposure only to their owner and immediate family.  They had never seen any other environment.  Naturally when they arrived at TIRR Rescue they were frightened and extremely timid.  However, after only a few short weeks their true personalities have developed. Honey is an extremely sweet, loving, and curious RR puppy.  Somewhat behind in her social development, one would think she is closer to one year than two in age.   


Name's Special Need

We would like to place the two together as that was the owner’s dying wish.  Observations of these two over the past weeks have indicated that we may have to consider separating them despite their dependency on each other.  Honey is an energetic pup and Kwella, at 12 hard years of age, simply cannot maintain the level of energy Honey requires.

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